Sports and Exercise

All Star Soccer 4 Special Needs 3-6

All S.T.A.R soccer....
Where our special needs children are challenged and team spirit is built. With parent participation being at forefront and cheer leading always encouraged we are looking to create a community where individuality is encouraged, tolerance is modeled and friendships are formed. Teaching listening skills, turn taking, and sportsman ship.,while we model respect and acceptance , drawing each child into being part of a team.(working with local high school students as companions helping with guidance and sportsman ship) (nut free snack to be provided by each parent for their child).

Please, if you can, have your child(ren) dressed in comfortable clothes with a good running type shoe or sneaker ready for the field.***Siblings welcome but must also be registered****


Pee-wee Soccer 3-4yrs

Pee Wee Soccer is structured as a class and is intended to be an introduction to soccer on a very basic level.  Participants will learn the basics of play by participating in drills and scrimmages against each other.
Location: Town Park 

Tennis Level 1, Marin Munchkins Ages 4-6 

This course uses of special equipment designed for this age group. Students will be introduced to tennis with simple activities and games that produce both fun and early motor skill development. 

Tennis Level 2, Marin Stars-  Ages 7-10 

Join the new team sport in town! If you are between the ages of 7-10, Corte Madera Junior Tennis League is the team to join! Using the quickstart play format, kids are immediately introduced to the game and learn to rally the ball the first time they step on the court. Beginners welcome! 

Tennis Level 2,  Marin Stars- Ages 11-14 

This course places emphasis on stroke development using movement drills, games, and fun activities. Positive attitude and sportsmanship are addressed. 

Aikido Kids of Tamalpais Ages 4-17yrs

Grow, thrive and feel alive. Play and learn martial arts in a fun, safe and inspiring environment.
Aikido known as the martial art of peace is:

  • Physically Invigorating
  • Socially Engaging
  • Mentally Intriguing 
Instructor: Dolano Arthur
Location: Aikido of Tamalpais 142 Redwood Ave., Corte Madera

Kids Capoeira

What is Capoeira?
Capoeira (pronounced ka-poo-eyh-da) is an Afro-Brazilian martial art form that incorporates acrobatics, dance, percussion, and songs in a rhythmic dialogue of body, mind, and spirit.  It is a communal game in which two opponents play each other inside a circle, formed by the other players who create rhythm for the game by clapping, singing and playing traditional instruments.  The two “capoeiristas” play a game together using capoeira movements, camouflaging self-defense kicks with playful acrobatics and dance-like moves, spontaneously creating a strategy to fool the other player and perhaps catch them off guard.  At the same time, the two players work together to build a beautiful, harmonic and naturally-flowing game.
Instructor: Lisa Silva
Location: Main Hall

Flag Football 3rd-5th

Come on out and play fun Flag Football games.  The players will run basic warm-ups and drills for the first 10 minutes and then play games for the remainder of the class. The kids will run, run, run. This game teaches hand and eye coordination and footwork skills that will challenge everyone’s abilities and create all around better athletes. The games are fun and great way to play with friends while making new ones. All equipment will be supplied.  Instructor: Jeremy Williams, Mt Tam Adventure LLC
Location: East Soccer Field