Teen Programs


For all age groups the kids learn basic socialization skills and respectful communication. Children learn how to roll and fall safely, how to quicken their response times, how to control their impulses, and they learn quieting skills. In Aikido kids learn how to use their body and peaceful, grounded strength versus their aggressive and confrontational strength. We teach and show them how kindness is stronger than being mean. They learn that being clear and centered in their bodies supports a body that can meet, connect with and direct others in an inviting, kind and generous way.  The focus of Aikido class is to have fun while instilling confidence through clear body language (leadership posturing/anti- bullying). Through aikido games we learn solution-oriented communication and to see that there are a multitude of options available to us. Through playful challenges we up the anti, so that we can practice how to function under pressure, with a grounded, graceful, and compassionate outlook on life. Make-up classes for holidays will be offered within the same week.  Instructor: Dolano Arthur
Location: Aikido of Tamalpais 142 Redwood Ave., Corte Madera

Level 2,  Marin Stars  Ages 11-14 

This course places emphasis on stroke development using movement drills, games, and fun activities. Positive attitude and sportsmanship are addressed.